1. Lizdeika (the chief priest of 14th century Lithuanian ruler Gediminas) left a spiritual knowledge to Lithuanian descendents by which way to go.

2. After several thousand years of women prophet order the Christianity came, which was assigned to change the way of society thinking from female to male. Yes, the appearance of Christianity was followed by burning witches and other ways of humiliating and exterminating female prophets, striving to weaken the social structure, which was based on female origin.

3. In this way ruling of the world with the help of right cerebral hemisphere was changed to ruling with the other hemisphere.

4. Now it is the time, when we are ready to join both experiences and start living a life of full value, following both female and male origin at the same time.

5. The chief priest Lizdeika left us an example of a perfect man – prophet, he locked in the name of Gediminas (the ruler of Lithuania in 14th century) for 700 years.

6. By using Leonardo da Vinci key – he wrote from the right to the left, in the drawings of his inventions he changed some small part of it, in this way protecting his creator rights – we find a solution.

7. So, after having written the name Gediminas from the other side and having changed one letter – we get the slogan SAVIMIDEG (Inner burning) of the striving Lithuanian consciousness, which is new, it has taken all experience of former thousands of years – SAVIMIDEG.

8. SAVIMIDEG - is a description of independent spiritual being.

9. SAVIMIDEG – is a person who takes his knowledge from his inner well of knowledge.

10. SAVIMIDEG – is believing in what you have inside, not what you get from outer inner self consciousnees substitutes - writings and preaches.

11. SAVIMIDEG - is a belief, opening the gates for the human being to his personal god, that is not described by foreign teachings and limitations.

12. SAVIMIDEG – is believing in what our spiritual creator imparted to us at the very beginning of our experience in our travelling through the worlds.